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Pay: up to $12.66/hour
Salary : $12.66/Hour
Posted: 9/28/2019
Job Status: Part Time
Job Reference #: 2578802
Keywords: clerical, office

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Opening Date/Time: Fri. 09/27/19 12:00 AM Pacific Time
Closing Date/Time:Continuous
Location:District-wide/Various School Sites, California
Department:District-wide/Various School Sites
Provides instructional assistance to students in the Physical Education Program.
To apply, visit > Departments: Human Resources > Current Employment Opportunities > Classified Opportunities
CURRENT VACANCIES: The resulting eligibility list from this examination will be used to fill anticipated substitute (temporary/as-needed) positions that may occur during the one-year life of the list. Substitute employees are paid a fixed hourly rate of $12.66. All positions are part-time (9.25 mos/yr and 3-6 hours per day).

IMPORTANT: Email is the primary form of communication related to the recruitment process. Paper notices are no longer mailed out.

 Examples of Duties:
Note: A more complete list of duties and responsibilities for this classification can be found on our web site at > Departments: Human Resources > Classified Job Descriptions.

-Performs a variety of responsible physical and instructional assistance tasks in accordance with written or oral directions from a teacher.  
-Supervises large groups of students on the playground during physical education classes.
-Moves sports equipment, as needed, to assist in the physical education program; supervises correct use of equipment.
-Oversees and participates in warm-up, cool-down, and stretching exercises.
-Referees sports, games, and physical activities outdoors; reinforces skill instruction, rules, and elements of fair play.
-Supervises large group activities indoors to accommodate students in physical education instruction during inclement weather, involving use of beanbags, foam balls, cards, etc.
-Administers written or physical agility tests for the teacher.
-Performs a variety of clerical tasks such as maintaining files and records, typing, preparing dittos, and operating various types of audio-visual and office equipment.
-Assists in class supervision on field trips.
-Performs related work as required.
 Employment Standards:
Knowledge of
-A wide variety of student needs and behavior characteristics.
-Management of large groups of students with differing levels of physical abilities.
-Record keeping principles and procedures.
-Classroom/school procedures and rules of conduct.
Ability to:
-Work within the framework and requirements of the instructional program to which assigned.
-Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
-Operate office and audiovisual equipment.
-Address groups of students and be heard and understood outdoors.
-Demonstrate or reinforce instructions for rapid paced, rigorous sports, games, and fitness aerobics.
-Stand for prolonged periods of time while observing, demonstrating or reinforcing physical education activities.
-Carry and move sports equipment such as bats, balls, field markers, cones or sit-up mats; may weigh up to 50 pounds.
-Establish and maintain effective work relationships.
-Compile and maintain records and files.

Minimum Requirements: None.
Desirable: Written and oral proficiency in a second language.
 Examination Process:
To apply: Visit > Departments: Human Resources > Current Employment Opportunities > Classified Opportunities
A review of applicants' experience and qualifications will be conducted. Based on that evaluation, a limited number of top-qualifying applicants whose background and qualifications best meet the current needs of the District will be invited to participate in the next step of the examination process. The examination may include a performance test and will include a qualifications appraisal interview. Qualified candidates will be provided with more details prior to the start of the examination process.
Salary: Substitute employees are paid a fixed hourly rate at the first step only ($12.66).
GUSD is an Equal Opportunity Employer who serves a diverse community     

REV 10/17/19